The Portals are a large-scale, permanent public multimedia installation in the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport. Commissioned to enhance the terminal experience by bringing these architectural media features to life, we designed and produced a series of sixteen unique, responsive digital artworks that react to passenger movements with real-time video, music and sound effects.
  • Environment Portals and Tracking 10 Vertical structures are made of 6 LCD screen each. 4 IR scanners track passengers' positions on their way to the departure gates to generate real-time visuals and audio compositions based on the next departure flights of the terminal.

  • Passengers generate bits of mosaic movement as they walk by a specific zone with more than 10,000 geometry instances rotating one after the other from the bottom to the top creating beautiful waves that seem to be lifted by the wind. Texture and organic sound accompany the movements.

    Geometry Instancing was used to build a grid of 4,000 3D diamond-shapes. The 3D diamond-shapes werw imported into TouchDesigner with the front face separated from the other in order to apply different textures on both sides. Using lights, shadows and an environment map, an interesting texture is achieved that looks like a mosaic.

  • Totems are made of 3D objects designed in 3DStudio Max. In TouchDesigner 3D objects rotate when passengers walk by. The objects are given some inertial force depending on passengers' proximity and speed. Texture and environment maps were made within TouchDesigner.

  • Passengers generate water when they walk by the portals. Beautiful landscape animations are then distorted to look almost like a painting when the traffic increases. Ambient sounds relating to the destination as well as relaxing water sounds are heard.

    Custom GLSL shaders were developed to design this water effect. One shader generates ripples - similar to particles, as white circles are emitted from a centre point and get larger and thinner as they move away. This image was fed into another GLSL shader that applies a distortion on the background image, the white opacity defining the level of distortion.


    Permanent Installation
    Los Angeles Airport
    Terminal 4
    Los Angeles, USA


    * The Creators Project


    A project designed and produced by Moment factory

    Lead Interactive Designer

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