WORLD TOUR 2013

    Trent Reznor put his trust again in Moment Factory for the 2013 Tour of Nine Inch Nails. I was part of the team who designed and produced this innovative and dynamic set design created under the guidance of the band’s vision and in collaboration with Rob Sheridan ( NIN s art director) and Roy Bennett (long time NIN production designer).
  • Pre-visualized Scenography in 3D
    As the scenography was made of 7 LED moving panels/screens, a 3D maquette was built inside TouchDesigner to visualize how the scene would look when the panels are set in different positions, and to test generative and pre-rendered content.
  • Generative Content
    Silhouettes act as a collider with a particle system moving from left to right. In other songs silhouettes generate water distortion on pre-rendered content, draw real shadows behind the musicians, or mask images to reveal content. A camera is used on stage to track Trent Reznor's face in real time and to add a live feed effect.
  • DMX Cues, MIDI Controls
    Cues are sent from the show master console to control the system using the DMX Artnet protocol. With a MIDI controller feeding TouchDesigner, it was possible to tweak and adjust the effects live during the rehearsals.




    A project designed and produced by Moment Factory

    Generative Design